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Braid, Loc & Scalp Wipe Wholesale Orders

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Full pack and 1 piece sample WHOLESALE BULK ORDERS

Thank you for your interest in Tress Clean’s Braid, Loc & Scalp Refreshening Wipes.  This offer is best for those who retail beauty supplies and stylists to sell to their clientele.  We have several options for you to chose from.  The more you purchase, the less you pay per unit and the more your profit will be.   

We are pleased to share our product so that you too can capitalize on this business venture.  This is the first of a system that we plan to add to our catalogue.  We are offering wholesale opportunities for your business to gain a profit on the very first Braid, Loc & Scalp Wipe.  We have innovated this product to join the billion dollar Braid, Loc and Natural Hair market.  We have a pending utility patent to protect the intellectual properties of cleansing and refreshening the scalp while wearing Braids, Locs and other protective hairstyles increasing the styles longevity for the consumer.  Legally this means that no one can sell such a wipe to cleanse Braids and Locs without our permission, and we welcome you to join our team.  Our All inclusive products made for all hair types feature natural ingredients.  We selectively left out ingredients containing tree nuts for those with allergies allowing us to market this product as TREE NUT, ALCOHOL, PARABEN AND SULFATE FREE.  We have also included ingredients that are, and forever will be, on trend and taking the beauty industry by storm.  Some of these ingredients include Sea moss, Apple Cider Vinegar, Biotin, Melatonin, Avocado, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus.  For Consignment opportunities please email us at  Welcome to the team! 

*Don't forget your display box to store your products in.  Each box comfortably holds 12-16 units.  We suggest 14 at a time.  Our packages include enough to fit in a box and you will receive a few extra to sit out on display for your consumer to try.  One display is enough for larger orders.  You can always reuse the box when the first set of inventory is sold
Tress clean braid, loc & Scalp refreshening wipes to clean hair.  Rinse free shampoo wipes for braids, locs & Scalp.  How to clean braids.  How to detox locs at home.


Shipping & Returns

Shipping will be based on location and weight. Please reach out to us if you experience any problems at You may be responsible to ship your own returns.

Travel Friendly Dimensions

6" x 7.9" (15 x 20cm)

Our wipes are compact for the

on-the-go person.

Care Instructions

Do not FLUSH wipes! Reseal package to keep the wipes moist and free of bacteria. Store in a cool dry place to prevent contamination and drying out the wipes.

Tress Cleans braid, loc & Scalp refreshening wipes display with all natural products.  Lemon and eucalyptus used to cleanse hair.

All Natural

Refreshening Wipes

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