All Natural Ingredients

Non-medicated wipes used to clean and freshen the scalp for an in-between-clean while not compromising braid and loc hairstyles.

Active Ingredients

WIPEout and conserve water!

  • Braid, Loc & Scalp care

    No one wants smelly hair!  There are many factors why braids and locs tend to collect odor, but the most common can be avoided.

    Care for your crown! 
  • Tress clean braid, loc & Scalp refreshening wipe ingredients used to deep clean dread locs

    All Natural Ingredients

    Our all inclusive wipes are suitable for all hair types. They are Alcohol, Sulfate, Paraben and Tree Nut free.

    See the Essential oils that are blended for your hair & scalp care. 
  • Refresh knotless braids.  Refresh twist.  Refresh natural hairstyles with rinse free shampoo wipes

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    So Tress and So Clean

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